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Soul Bridge | Psychic Medium | Medical Intuitive

"Kate is in a League of Her Own"

"I've had readings with other tarot card readers before, but Kate is in a league of her own. She has an incredible knack for interpreting the cards and relating them to my specific situation in a way that feels incredibly intuitive and authentic. I always leave our sessions with new insights and perspectives on my life."


The Soul Bridge
Psychic Medium

Connect with Loved Ones who have Passed

Kate Putnam, New Hampshire, The Soul Bridge
Psychic Medium
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kate putnam tarot reader

"I'm speechless"

"Wow. This is right on. I can't stop thinking about the reading you did for me the other day. Thank you for giving me the clarity I was looking for."


"the compassion you have"

"Hi Kate, I'm pretty new here and I have really enjoyed you and your vibe. You are absolutely adorable, and I love the compassion you have for the victims, especially Ethan."

kate putnam



Kate Putnam Moonshine Shop

Hello! Nice to meet you, my name is Kate Putnam.


We were all born with gifts, and as an intuitive physic medium, I offer my services to help other people heal by tapping into my natural abilities.


For those of you who feel more comfortable with fancy labels, please see awards & certifications here.


Whether you are struggling with physical pain, emotional trauma, anxiety, or any other issue that is impacting your life, I want to help you move past these challenges and find peace. 

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Welcome to the Blog

Kate Putnam's blog is a virtual sanctuary for spiritual seekers, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike.


Here, we share our passion for all things esoteric, metaphysical, and magical.


The Moonshine Shop's blog is a platform for promoting personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a curious newbie, our blog invites you to expand your consciousness and connect with like-minded souls.


Come journey with us into the enchanted world of spirituality and discover your unique path to enlightenment.

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