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kate putnam

What are the Gene Keys?

One of the most asked questions I get from my clients is ‘What is my purpose and how do I find it?’


Each of us is born with a gift.


You may have heard people say that everyone is here for a reason. Your life or higher purpose is that reason or gift. But only some of us seek out that purpose. For those who do, the Gene Keys can provide some illuminating information.


The Gene Keys are your code. The 64 Gene Keys correlate with the 64 codons of our DNA and the 64 Hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching.


The Gene Keys are teachings that can be explored in many different ways.


They are a tool to awaken your inner being. Rather than a structured tool, they are designed for contemplation and for an individual to go at their own pace and trust themselves as they explore their codes.


The decision to change our lives, many of us want that change to happen overnight. Working with the Gene Keys is a journey that requires more patience and slowing down.

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