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[S16E4] Holden's Manifesto VERIFIED

New York City bike messenger Holden March creates a video diary of his troubles with women. Talk soon escalates to action, and the SVU scrambles to find his manifesto before he commits another violent act. When Rollins and Amaro come face to face with Holden, they find out just how dangerous a desperate man can be. Meanwhile, as Benson balances the responsibilities of motherhood and career, the new Deputy Chief of SVU calls her leadership into question.

[S16E4] Holden's Manifesto

Rollins and Amaro learn that Holden was bullied a lot while growing up, and he has major social issues. He feels slighted by society, and he hasn't been able to stay in school or hold a job, so his parents, Adriana March and Thomas Eldridge, have been paying for his apartment in the city. The SVU finds that Holden is not in his apartment, but he did leave a manifesto, cases for two guns and some ammo, and a video message on his computer threatening more women. The SVU scrambles to find him before he commits another violent act, and they learn exactly how dangerous such a desperate man can be.

The episodes with more action, like this one, are much better and more engaging. I too couldn't get into Holden. All I saw was someone acting out a part. Good acting, IMO, makes the actor disappear and the character appear. This didn't happen for me.The story was excellent. They fit in Benson's baby issue into the story without it being eye-rollingly silly. The new boss, Dodds, was the stereotypical asshole new boss with an ego problem. It happens all the time on dramas. I DO like Peter Gallagher so I am willing to ride with this character to see if he can either soften up or teach Benson how to be a stronger leader. Benson's body language towards him was childish, esp. when she stormed out of her office to take the call with the case worker. Benson needs to get a grip, and fast. I'm with you on Rollins, Chris. Her behavior in the hostage situation was risky and I think she got off on it. Does anyone believe realistically that Rollins could have absorbed that 300 page manifesto in much less than 24 hours hours and now she's an expert on the guy? I don't buy it. In my opinion, she still has issues. Good episode, though, better than I expected.

The episode was well written and i loved it... Kelli Giddish was amazing and yes i agree that she deserves at least an emmy nomination. They should stop sleeping on her. We seen nominations for average performances in the past ...She has been in top form these past 3 seasons. (season 13 excluded)I strongly believe she handled the Holden situation perfectly and the svu team agrees that she approached a sociopath in the best way possible It was actually Nick who almost made him angry with his sweet talk. It was not the right way to handle such a case. Holden wasnt fooled with all that "Girls must have loved you at school" when he knows they have read his manifesto about being isolated and rejected by women. Therefore,to be fair, Rollins didnt act recklessly. She did what was necessary.She knew what she as doing it and if Liv had done that everyone whould have called her a selfless hero but oh well we all know how fans are in the svu world...About the Noah is getting on my nerves... We know he is hers now and we re happy for her and we can imagine their moments together.No need for screentime...

Someone commented on the unlikelihood of Rollins reading and properly digesting the 300+ page manifesto in such a short time, especially since it would make sense that they'd have called in his parents, and gotten that group together to go out searching almost immediately.@Randomcomment - employers sometimes don't like it when fired employees take unemployment since the amount they're required to pay for unemployment insurance has to do with how many workers they fire. This is particularly in a case when the employee was fired for cause. You would probably know better, but I think part of the process is to check why the employee was fired. In this case, Holden was pretty clearly fired for cause, so he wouldn't have been eligible (and probably should have known it when he filed). 041b061a72


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