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Watch The Handmaid S01E03

At the safehouse, the handmaids are sleeping when flashlights outside wake them up. They huddle on their knees as footsteps approach, but then Alma stands and the others follow her. They all hold hands as the men bust through the door.

Watch The Handmaid S01E03

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He pulls into the driveway, which turns out to be occupied by both an anxiety-inducing unmarked van and Aunt Lydia, the stern guard who, back at the brainwashing Red Center, led Offred and a group of soon-to-be handmaids in a chant blaming Janine for her gang rape.

Moira was on the phone with refugee services but never got through.All June keeps asking is what she was wearing and what was that color? Moira says purple. Moira is also upset that Mark was with Serena. Moira knows about a group of women on the border who have been getting in contact with people on the other side. When they meet Lily, she says she thought June would be taller. She reveals she's one of the women June traded for Waterford. She thinks June downplays her impact on their lives.Mark is looking at the flowers Serena received. Leadership is showing respect and are grateful. Mark is there just to protect her, he says, to make up for what happened with Waterford. She thinks he's gathering info to take back and use against them. She's worried about her reputation if he remains.The border operation is thriving. People are pretty impressed that June is visiting, whispering "holy shit" when they discover who she is.There is an upside down American Flag flying on their compound. Inside their headquarters are photos of all the women and they've been able to free. There is an accompanying wall of people they've lost over the years.They call themselves Mayday. June can't believe it's in Canada. Lily says it's everywhere. There are outposts all over the place.June said they thought they made it up, that it wasn't real, that they'd made it up because they had to. Well, then, Lily says. You were Mayday, too.Mark and Serena arrive at some loser commander's house. Blessed bes are flying. The commander said they would have liked to have given Fred a fair trial and it's too bad that June interceded.Nick and Rose are there, the love story of the night.Aunt Lydia visits Esther in the hospital. Janine is nowhere to be found. Aunt Lydia is crying, crossing the room to slap Esther across the face. Esther is unconscious, so it loses some of its bite. Janine is in anothe room, which is a little less clinical than Esther's. Dear God, she screams, she doesn't deserve this. Lydia thinks she's being punished by God for her poor choices. She was trying to keep the girls' safe. Please do not punish her to teach Janine a lesson. She'll do things differently. She promises.There was very positive feedback on the funeral broadcast. Commander Lawrence wants to discuss what's next, but he's called on to redirect the conversation. The commander wanted to discuss the June situation. They don't want to traumatize Agnes/Hannah, but they're annoyed that they gave June any latitude at all. When MacKenzie calls her a cancer, Joseph's eyebrows raise, and he eyes Nick, who is looking around painfully.The Mayday team is discussing poisoning a DC commander with arsenic (it's a painful death - good) when a young man arrives, creating quite a ruckus. He's going back in because he's got a wife and kid he isn't ready to leave behind yet.Nick and Rose leave the function to find Mark outside flipping his lighter around. Nick needs to be the one to tell June about Rose. Mark wonders if he's given any more thought to his proposal. Commander MacKenzie approaches, and he's not keen on how Nick left Rose standing alone in the snow.When Commander Lawrence and Serena are left alone, they discuss his wife and her error-prone husband. Joseph thinks Fred was weak and overcompensated with toxic masculinity, he says as he notes her missing finger.I have a feeling she's going to propose marriage.She allows him to feel her kicking baby, and he says they will protect her.Mrs. Putnam arrives to visit Janine. She says she wasn't given much of a choice. Aunt Lydia knew how much Janine's presence did when Angela was suffering, and she is hoping Angela will do the same for Janine.Mark says it's interesting being her after studying it for so many years. It's not any better than he imagined.Serena takes Mark into her room. She is home. She's not returning to Canada. She's finally a free woman. Is she sure she wants to throw it away? Mark is rather stunned. She kisses him on the cheek very slowly. He says staying here would be a mistake. He doesn't understand why she doesn't see how unsafe it is for women in here. She doesn't think that will be a problem much longer.A council meeting has been called, and she excitedly asks if Commander Lawrence called the meeting. Yep. She wants to marry him.Lily wakes June. She's got the call with Nick. He tells her Hannah is safe. She needs to know what the purple color means. It means she's ready for a new school of high commanders' daughters training to be future wives. He thinks she'll be fine because the MacKenzies love her so much. So much that they're sending her to a wives' school?Nick has to admit that he's got obligations that keep him from being further involved. He told Rose about June, and Nick thinks June would like Rose. Nick warns June to be safe because MacKenzie is a powerful man. They won't be able to talk for a while. June wants Nick to try to be happy, and he thinks of when he was happy with June in his arms.Aunt Lydia wakes, and Janine is no longer in her bed. She woke up a few hours ago and is outside in the sunshine. Lydia is obviously relieved. Will she keep her promise to God?Serena sees Commander Lawrence again, and she's eager to talk with him. He wonders if she has some kind of expectation of him. No, of course not. He says he's sorry and leaves the room.She goes before the council. They have given her future a good deal of consideration. They'd like her to lend her expertise as they expand their venture. She'll be an unofficial global ambassador. They thought it would be a positive to have such a capable woman speaking on their behalf. They want her in Toronto to best represent their sacred republic.It's certainly not the news she had hoped for. She and Mark fly back to Toronto together. They had them hold the plane. She's mortified.June says they're right back where they started. She wonders how she's supposed to keep her baby safe from her. Moira thinks she's going to be OK. And she's not going to be a wife; that's not fucking happening.June learns Serena is coming back to a private airport. Mark has her taken back to the detention center, where a candlelight vigil awaits. She's so pleased at the teary faces staring back at her. They encounter a vehicle in their way. It's June. Never touch my daughter again. Never touch my daughter again. June has gone full terminator. 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I can talk to him. I need to talk with him.Luke: We can't get in contact with him without Tuello's office.Moira: There is a group at the border. Women. Not like official, but, um, I heard they've been having some luck getting messages to people inside.June: What? When the fuck were you going to tell me that?Moira: I wasn't going to tell you that because I think they're basically suicidal. They're a bunch of fuckin' traumatized refugees, and they're the last people you need to be around right now.June: Well, you don't get to decide that.Moira: Fine. I'll ask them to meet. For Hannah. Just me and you. No men allowed.

In the other (actual) birthing room, poor Janine labours away to the supportive/highly irritating cheerleading of the other handmaids, conducted by Aunt Lydia, who is being nice and therefore even more scary. Even she seems to flinch at the self-indulgent stupidity of the wife. In both rooms, there is female solidarity. The moment when the handmaids come together to comfort the distraught Janine was genuinely moving. There is sisterhood here, against the odds. There is shared joy, shared pain, shared suffering. But it is not enough. 041b061a72


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