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Best Penny Pot Stocks To Buy 2017

The long-term prognosis for the cannabis industry is good. Ultimately, the following nine picks look like the best marijuana stocks (and funds) to benefit from this ongoing growth and maturation.

best penny pot stocks to buy 2017


Still, IIPR remains one the best REITs on Wall Street, as well as one of the best marijuana stocks, according to analysts. Piper Sandler analyst Alexander Goldfarb has an Overweight rating (the equivalent of Buy) on IIPR, with a $140 target price, some 55% higher than current levels.

Not forgetting that this is an article about the best marijuana stocks, British American Tobacco invested an additional $5.1 million last March in Canadian cannabis producer OrganiGram Holdings (OGI (opens in new tab)), bringing its stake in the company to 19.5%. The two continue to collaborate on new cannabis-related products.

That is not to say that all marijuana-related companies are suspect. If you are planning on picking individual cannabis stocks, Brochstein recommended focusing on revenue and avoid companies with "professional penny stock executives."

Just to crank up the risk a little bit more, nearly all marijuana stocks are penny stocks (defined as having a $5 share price and under) and trading on the over-the-counter exchanges. Though the OTC exchanges have done a good job with improving reporting standards in recent years, they're still nowhere near as stringent as the NYSE or Nasdaq, leaving investors to wonder if they're getting the most accurate and up-to-date financial information.

It can be difficult to find a deal in the stock market regardless of current market conditions. For the last decade, stocks have traded well above historical average P/E ratios. Fortunately there are still a handful of undervalued stocks in corners of the market that most investors ignore. These penny stocks all have a super-low share price of $0.25 or less and are sorted by average trading volume in dollars. These companies are considered the most actively-traded stocks priced under $0.25.

Because I was incredibly naive two years ago, I own a substantial number of shares in Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTCPK:MJNA). Way back in 2014, when the manic frenzy ensued following Colorado's legal weed sales, marijuana stocks (penny stocks by the way) were all the rage. For about two weeks, Medical Marijuana, Mcig Inc. (MCIG),Phusion Pharmaceuticals (A company that I can't find anymore), were all soaring 30% day after day. Of course, because I'm an idiot I bought into the charade.

Nope. Never sold it. It never felt worth it. I've been waiting for a boom or bust situation. It's happening folks! All these absurd penny stocks are taking off again. The biggest thing for me this election day isn't who wins the white house. It's the outcome of the states voting on marijuana legislation. The upcoming vote has had quite the effect on my stock.

The cannabis industry has been growing at a breathtaking pace over the past few years. Governments worldwide have been taking steps towards legalization, with strong backing from investors. The best cannabis stocks to buy now present excellent upside potential over the long term.

Tobacco stocks as a group have had a difficult time in the past couple of years. Regulatory and consumer preference changes continue to plague the group. But valuations are relatively low, dividend yields are high, and most companies are diversifying away from tobacco. Vector Group now offers the best total projected annual returns, but all of these companies offer high dividend yields.

We see Altria, British American Tobacco, and Vector as offering the best total returns. And, all offer sizable dividend yields. Dividend sustainability varies by stock in this group, but overall, there is a lot for income investors to like when it comes to these 6 tobacco stocks.

With over 15,000 stocks available to invest in, finding the best investing ideas may appear to be an overwhelming task. But at WallStreetSurvivor we have done all the work for you to help you get started successfully and profitably. Here at WallStreetSurvivor we subscribe to over a two dozen stock advisory services and we actually paper trade their all of their stock ideas.

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Of their 24 stock picks for 2016, 18 of those stocks are up. The average return of all 24 stock picks, including the few losers, is an amazing 127% which is 67% BETTER than the market. In fact, 16 of these picks are up over 50% with the best stock picks being SHOP, up 941%, and MTCH up 553%. Of their 24 picks for 2017, 20 of them are up. The average return of all 24, including the losers, is 61% which is 26% BETTER than the market. In fact, 13 are up over 50% with their best picks TTD up 313% and PAYC up 299%. Of the 24 Fool picks for 2018, 19 are up with an average return of 55% which is 38% BETTER than the market (SP500).

Deciding what investing ideas to research and/or buy is a constant challenge for even the most experienced investor. Nobody really knows that the stock market will do tomorrow. However, an analysis of the last 20 years, 50 years and even 100 years shows that among stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, and bank money markets, without a doubt, the best place to invest has been the stock market. So if you are trying to decide what to invest in, if you have a time horizon of more than a few years, the best place to invest is the stock market.

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Since its establishment in 2017, OCT has undertaken four rounds of investment and expanded its research into the therapeutic effects of cannabinoid derivatives. The company hopes to receive regulatory approval to distribute its products in the UK, US and Europe by 2027. As a penny stock, the company is prone to volatily and has sunk by 74% over the past five years.

The best part that will interest you as an investor, though, is you can read up on stocks, find out news about the economy, insurance rates, loans, and more. The magazine frequently does features on retirement-related topics by showcasing real-life case studies and stories. 041b061a72


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