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Where To Buy Kevo ((LINK))

Now you can control your home security from the palm of your hand with a simple DIY home upgrade to our trusted Bluetooth smart lock, Kevo. Kevo Plus is the latest technology advancement to Kevo, allowing you to check if the door is locked or unlocked from your phone, and then lock or unlock it from anywhere in the world using an Internet-connected device like a smartphone or tablet.

where to buy kevo


If you do not already have a Kevo lock, you can purchase one today at a variety of home improvement and consumer technology retailers. Visit to buy for a list of retailers near you. Once you have purchased and installed your lock, follow the instructions above for upgrading to Kevo Plus and check your mail for the Bluetooth gateway!

Say goodbye to the nights where you drag yourself out of bed to check if you locked the door before retiring for the night. With InHome Locking and Unlocking, you can check from your phone in bed if your door is unlocked and lock it if you forgot.

I had so much success with the kevo that I ordered another one, and as a show of confidence I ordered 2 PLUS gateways, for each of my locks. The PLUS gateways now set gathering dust. The fact that I have 2 gate ways, both unable to setup properly, indicate there is an external factor preventing successful setup. With shipping into Australia, I forked up about over $250 for the plus modules which are now not providing me any additional functionality.

Sure that makes sense. I have 2 doors though outside range (two outside garages) that I would love kevo locks on and remotely accessable through the same account. Can you have multiple Kevo plus units Associated on the same account?

Fortunately, subsequent iOS updates corrected the Bluetooth issue, and within a few days I was able to start using touch-to-unlock like normal. It worked reliably well over the rest of my week of tests, and never failed to let me in. The only exceptions were a handful of times where I had to tap on the lock two or three times before it'd open -- it's picky about your phone's specific location.

We found the Kevo to be a bit finicky to install. Getting everything lined up and working was more difficult than with other locks. It took us a full 25 minutes to get it all seated properly, whereas most locks took 10-15 minutes. The app setup was also a bit glitchy, and the app crashed a couple of times while we were going through the setup process.

pyKevo logs into the website with your credentials to pull the lock status and issue any lock/unlock commands. It is not local and can be blocked by Kevo or break if Kevo updates their website or if Kevo was to shutdown. There is no way to control the Kevo lock natively/locally even though it works over Bluetooth.

Both locks are very secure, but one feature sets August apart enough to make it the winner: DoorSense. While it might seem very unlikely that you would ever leave the door open, there are still situations where it could happen if you are in a hurry. August Pro can sense if the door is left open, thanks to the external sensor you install on the inside of your door frame.

curious if it would be possible to control one of these with hubitat at some point in the future? Kevo Plus Connected Hub 99240-001 to Lock & Unlock Kevo Smart Lock from Anywhere with Smartphone, Compatible with Alexa - -

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