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Clash Mini: Collect, Summon, and Upgrade Your Army of Minis

You can download Clash Mini from Google Play or Uptodown if you have an Android device. If you use iOS, you can download this Supercell game from the App Store. No matter where you find this PvP game, you'll enjoy playing it.

Welcome to Clash Mini, the thrilling auto battler set in the Clash Universe! Download Clash Mini now and immerse yourself in the world of mini madness. This exciting strategy board game lets you collect, call upon, and improve your army of Minis.

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Assemble your adorable army of Minis and lead them into battle alongside legendary Heroes like the Barbarian King, Shield Maiden, and Archer Queen. Watch as your Minis clash with rival armies, employing various tactics and abilities to outsmart your opponents. Unleash the mighty Pekka and witness the battlefield change in an instant.

Embark on thrilling quests to unlock new Minis and unleash their unique abilities. Customize your Heroes and Minis with a wide array of skins, showcasing your individuality and style on the battlefield. Each battle is an opportunity to prove your strategic prowess and master the art of the clash.

Experience the mini madness of Clash Mini on PC and unleash your strategic prowess! Download now and embark on an epic journey in the Clash Universe. Take advantage of the excitement and challenge of this strategy-packed board game. is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

Clash Mini has just launched in beta. Today, in this post, we will share how to download and play the beta of Clash Mini from anywhere in the world.About Clash MiniClash Mini is one of the three brand new supercell games that are in development. It's a strategy board game on mobile where players compete and use strategy to place their miniatures on the playing board, which then take part in a battle against the opponent's miniatures. Here a lot of attention has been given to the tactics used.

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What makes this game outstanding against other clash games under SuperCell is the board settings that it incorporates within its gameplay that will make you feel like you're simply playing chess with your opponents. Just like in that household sport, your strategy and formation will matter more in aiming to attack your rivals at the same time, and defend your armies strongly from their next strike.

Say hello to the new member of the Clash family! Clash Mini is gradually launching across the world, and here, we will let you know how to download it and when to expect its launch in your region.

After the widespread success of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Supercell started working on three new Clash branches including Clash Heroes, Clash Mini, and Clash Quest. While all projects are yet to be fully released, the beta version of Clash Mini is now available for download in a number of regions in the world.

This time, we propose you to discover how to download Clash Mini and play it in advance thanks to its APK. Indeed, with this tutorial, you don't need to wait for the release date of the game. You can now play Clash Mini in any country, but also in complete safety. Follow the guide!

Once the APK file is downloaded, we will need it to end up on our phone. For my part, I used a USB cable to connect my computer to my phone. I then dragged the APK into the "Download" folder on my phone. Of course, you can choose the method you want to transfer the APK file as well as where you want to put it. Note however where the Clash Mini APK is located on your phone.

That's it! You now know how to download the APK for Clash Mini to enjoy the game before it's even released. Don't forget to share your questions, your impressions of the game or simply to say thank you in the comments if you found this guide useful. Enjoy the clash!

Clash Mini is currently available in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Canada for beta testing. The beta version is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you live in any of the above-mentioned countries, simply go to Google Play or the App Store and download and play Clash Mini right away.

Clash Mini represents the universe of Clash of Clans, a strategy game with miniatures of the characters facing each other on game boards where players organize their pieces before each combat.

In the graphics section, this game drinks directly from the atmosphere and animations of Supercell's real-time strategy hit, and features characters represented as nice miniatures. However, in terms of mechanics, this is halfway between Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

On your iOS device, you can utilize popular VPN applications such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN. For instance, you can decide to install NordVPN on your iOS device and choose a compatible region, such as Finland, as your location. Then you can proceed to search for Clash Mini on the app store, download it, and play it without restriction.

Clash Mini is a mini-game inspired by the Clash universe. You will have to duel, collect items, summon, upgrade your army and do many more cool games. If you want to enjoy the simple, adorable combat fun, play Clash Mini.

As of right now, Clash Mini is only available to download to users residing in Canada, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. The developers have not announced a timeline for when the game will launch in other regions.

Try to predict the actions of the enemy by placing your army in advantageous positions. You can come up with your own battle strategy using tank characters, archers, melee warriors and more. Do not forget to improve the mini-warriors during the battle, activating powerful abilities.

In addition to famous heroes from the Clash universe, you can recruit completely different characters into your army. Complete tasks, open chests, get interesting heroes and improve them, unlocking new characteristics and abilities. So that the enemies understand that you are an experienced fighter, you can customize miniature fighters with unique skins. They transform the character, making him stand out more.

Battles with other users are always interesting and exciting, but winning them without donation can be extremely difficult. To ensure that all players are in approximately equal conditions, we offer you to download Clash Mini mod. It will transfer the player to a private server, and the user will receive an unlimited amount of in-game currency.

A mobile game of auto chess game with the Clash IP characters in formations as chess pieces. Players can formulate strategies in the game and use miniature soldiers to fight each other's wits and courage. Use strategies to adjust your deck to build and defeat your opponents.

"Clash Mini" is an original strategy battle game featuring miniaturized card battle gameplay. In this game, players will form their own card troops, participate in battles, and improve their combat strength by defeating opponents.

The battle in the game is presented in a miniaturized form. The player's card troops will fight on a small battlefield. Players need to control the battle situation through reasonable card placement and command, defeat the opponent's card troops, and defend their positions. During the battle, players can constantly adjust their tactics and strategies to deal with different enemies and battlefield environments in order to win.

The screen and sound design of the game are simple and clear, in line with the miniaturized game features, so that players can easily get started, and experience the excitement of combat and the fun of strategy in a short time.

In order to download Clash Mini on an iPhone in the US, you can install a VPN, adjust your region to one where the game is available (e.g. Finland), and install the game through the App store. Alternatively, you can change your Apple ID Country to a supported area to achieve the same result.

Clash Mini is only available in a handful of locations thus far, so user in other regions will have to find an alternative way to download the game. Thankfully, accessing Clash Mini from a non-supported region is pretty straightforward, and we cover the steps below.

You can use popular VPN software like NordVPN and ExpressVPN on your iOS device. For example, you might download NordVPN on your iOS device and set Finland as your location. Then you can find Clash Mini on the app store, download the game, and play it without restriction.

One of the quests you have to complete is winning 5 matches using a specific mini, such as an archer. You will get extra minis when completing this quest. The more minis unlocked you get, the more quests you can play and vice versa.

Clash Mini APK is a modified version of the original Clash of Clans game, designed specifically for users who prefer a smaller and faster gaming experience. It retains the essence of the original game while optimizing it for low-end devices and providing a streamlined gameplay experience. Watch your Minis come alive and clash to be the last one standing as you lead your adorable army with heroes including Barbarian King, Shield Maiden, Archer Queen, and more.

Il download di Clash Mini su dispositivi iOS può avvenire solamente tramite un account Apple (iCloud) la cui posizione è in uno dei Paesi in cui è ufficialmente disponibile la beta. È però possibile cambiare il Paese del vostro account Apple, per farlo vi basterà:

In order to buy MINI PASS Clash Mini you need:1. Contact us in advance via the internal chat, Skype or ICQ, indicated in the information about our company on the page _s=327746 and find out if there is the amount of silver you need.2. Pay for the purchase, after payment you will receive a unique 16-digit code.3. Report code4 Specify your mail and give me a one-time code from Supercell (the code will be sent to your mail)After all this, I go to your account, buy a mini pass, you go to your account and check. At the end, you need to confirm the order.-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------DELIVERY TERMS:The execution of the order is carried out through a personal meeting within 1 - 5 minutes (if we are online), a maximum of 24 hours from 10:00 to 01:00 Moscow time.-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------A big request after the purchase to leave a review. On this site, this is the only criterion for evaluating the seller, so your feedback is very important to us.All the products you have purchased can always be viewed by clicking on the link: -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------SUPPLIERS ARE SUPPLIED!!!-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Dear players, we remind you that the purchase of MINI PASS is prohibited by the rules of the game and the administration of Clash Mini may apply certain sanctions against you. We do our best to reduce risks. However, we are not responsible for the consequences of violations of the user agreement with Clash Mini


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