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Clinton C. Filson (born 1850), a former Nebraska homesteader and railroad conductor for the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad, arrived in the Northwest in the early 1890s, initially settling in Kirkland, Washington where he invested in property near Peter Kirk's proposed iron works and opened a hardware store in a brick building he co-owned with Seattle customs inspector A.T. Timmerman. He would also serve as the town's postmaster in 1894.[2] Several years later after Kirkland's plans fell through he relocated to Seattle where he operated a small loggers' outfitting store, the Seattle Woolen House, at 903 1st Avenue, where the Federal Office Building currently stands.[3]

where to buy filson

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John Filson (c. 1747-1788) was born in Pennsylvania about 1747 and sent as a teenager to Maryland for a classical education. During and after the Revolution he tried his hand at farming, teaching, and land surveying. In 1783 the infant U.S. government began to reward veterans of the Revolution with free land. Qualified individuals were given receipts, called warrants, that could be exchanged for acreage in the West. Most veterans never intended to go west, however, and they sold these land warrants to real estate speculators. In this way Filson soon acquired the right to 13,500 acres in Kentucky. He settled in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1784, where he returned to teaching and surveying, and met Daniel Boone and other early white settlers. In 1784, hoping to induce more eastern pioneers to come to the region (and buy his land), Filson wrote the book given here.

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Lusby Family Photograph Collection: Born into slavery in Owenton, Ky. Thaddeus Stephens Lusby Sr. (1856-1941) became a builder at the turn of the century. In 1900 Lusby Sr. moved his family to Louisville where he started a contracting business and built his family home at 353 Grand Avenue. The collection is compiled of Lusby family members including his wife Emma Parrish (1855-1927), and their children Stella Lusby (1877-1958); Nettie Lusby Plato (1879-1924), the first wife of prominent, African-American architect and builder, Samuel Plato; Martha Lusby McElroy (1885-1964), Stephens Lusby, Jr. (1888-1953); and Mary Lusby Reed (1894-1987), a teacher who taught in both Louisville public schools and the Union County, Kentucky school system. The bulk of the collection is of Thaddeus Lusby Reed (1930-2002), the son of Mary Lusby and Ernest Ellsworth Reed.

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