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Buy Rain Jacket

My husband wears an XXL in the Columbia Watertight II Jacket, and he often comments positively on the cut and the coverage: He says the shape is great because he can wear it unzipped, and the hood will do its job without getting in his face. With other rain jackets, he has to be fastened all the way up to get the hood to function properly.

buy rain jacket

I tried all 21 coats in the rain and also ran dribbles of water down the sleeves over a sink to see how the water beaded and repelled from each one. I hung the coats on hangers to see if they looked wet or dripped excessively while air-drying. I also washed and dried the coats three times, checking for shrinkage, damage, or changes to their water repellency. I found that most of the coats barely shrank (some even stretched out a bit), and all of them completely maintained their water resistance.

Our staffers tried the Everlane ReNew Anorak jacket on in store, but it felt surprisingly cheap compared with other jackets we tried. Testers thought the fabric seemed thinner than that of similarly priced coats, and the sizing was not inclusive.

The REI Co-op Rainier Rain Jacket is well made and well priced, and it comes in four colors. It fully repelled water in our tests. Although it comes in fewer sizes than the Columbia Watertight II, it was the next-best hip-length jacket we tested. Two of our testers recommended sizing down for a slim fit.

Want to really geek out on rainwear? For an in-depth look at the complicated science of fabric technology, check out our Rainwear: How it Works page. The fabric care section there is definitely worth a read because every jacket needs regular maintenance to keep on keeping you dry.

A step beyond rainwear, this design combines a rain jacket with a fleece jacket or an insulated shell. The inner component typically zips into the rain jacket, offering you the option of wearing either piece on its own.

Soft shell: The classic version integrates an insulating layer with a water-resistant shell. The goal is to have a single piece serving as both midlayer and outer layer. The tradeoff is greater breathability for lesser protection from rain, wind and cold. Soft shells are best for high-exertion activities, where perspiration is the greater concern.

Insulated shell: Typically filled with down or synthetic fill for warmth, most puffy jackets are also water-resistant and breathable. If the jacket has a waterproof/breathable fabric, then you enjoy an elevated level of protection. It has to be seam-sealed, though, to be considered fully waterproof.

No coatings are used here, just a membrane tightly sandwiched between a rugged face fabric and a liner. Generally, the most durable and breathable construction, 3-layer designs are used in rainwear intended for the harshest backcountry environments. These jackets will also command a premium price.

While the technology in the fabric is the biggest factor in the cost of rainwear, construction details also play a role. Jackets with a robust feature set will reflect that in their price. Weight is also affected, so you might see a jacket with a top-tier fabric but few extra features, especially pockets, if ultralight design is the goal.

Don't assume a jacket is fully waterproof based solely on finding seam tape in the hood and shoulders, though: it's a common practice on merely water-resistant jackets. Also, don't assume lack of seam taping indicates poor quality in a soft-shell or other water-resistant jacket: seam taping isn't used because it would simply add complexity that's not required for the intended use.

From the front opening to pockets to pit zips, most jackets are loaded with zippers. Keeping water from seeping through zippers requires a rubberized coating or a storm flap. Coated zippers, also called laminated zippers, are harder to zip up and down. They also need a cover, often called a zipper hut or zipper garage, to shield the tiny opening at the end of the zipper track. The trend is away from full flaps in order to save weight, though coatings will eventually wear down and be less effective.

Most hoods have brims and adjustments on the sides and in back in order to fine-tune the size of the opening. Jackets without those adjustments are intended for more casual uses. Some jackets also have hoods that zip off or roll and stow in the collar.

Because even the most breathable rainwear can get overwhelmed during strenuous activity, almost all backcountry rainwear has pit zips (underarm vents). Some jackets go a step further, having mesh liners in torso pockets that can double as additional vents.

In addition to the hood adjusters noted above, jackets often have a drawcord at the bottom hem. Longer jackets might have a drawcord at the waist. Most technical rainwear will have wrist closures that adjust. All of these adjustments let you create tight closures to keep rain, wind and cold from sneaking into the openings of your jacket. The adjustments can also be loosened to increase overall jacket ventilation.

Pockets, especially if they have waterproof zippers, will add to the price of a jacket. Some jackets have so many pockets that you might be tempted to forgo your pack. Other jackets have hand pockets placed above the hipbelt and away from the shoulder straps, so that you can access them while your pack is on.

Many jackets now include a pocket with a cord port that lets you listen to your phone or music player. And travel jackets sometimes hide pockets under storm flaps or along seams, where pickpockets are less likely to find them.

Toggle strings for a tighter fit and velcro straps on the wrists are nice details that our panel appreciated for keeping them dry on rainy runs, too. The downside? For some, the hood felt a little too bulky.

Whether mountain trekking, city jogging or trail running, one thing is for certain: comfort is paramount. The Keela Storm jacket has comfort at its core with its design and functionality taking equal precedence.

We found it hard to fault this jacket, with its magic mix of low weight and insulation. Not a drop of rain seeped through its water-resistant fabric, seams and zips, and it felt soft and comfortable against our skin. It kept us warm while standing around coaching, as well as running, and we liked the two big hand pockets.

Fantastic value for a jacket from what is normally a more premium-priced brand with strong eco creds. This is made for no-nonsense runners who want to get out there and stay relatively dry, without having spent a fortune.

If you're heading out on an adventure and need guaranteed dryness, this Futurelight jacket from The North Face is a good choice. Sure, paying nearly 300 for a running jacket is a huge expense, but if you can afford it, this jacket is wonderfully breathable, while still keeping you bone dry on the run.

By rethinking the traditional rainwear, we want to surprise you with many contemporary pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Our entire collection is created with durability and longevity in mind, so you can be sure to have items you can proudly wear for many years.

We have supplied women with RAINS gear since 2012 and are continuously doing so with an innovative approach. All RAINS' coats for women's frames are made with smart features such as adjustable cords, snap buttons, and waterproof zippers for a comfortable fit. We want to make sure that you feel amazing and stay fashionable even during pouring rain, which has probably been a struggle till now.

At RAINS we always make sure that our ideas are completely thought-through from beginning to end. This is why you are ensured quality of the highest standards for your women's rain jackets and a style that goes surprisingly well with everything.

Looking for a fit to accentuate your female figure? We have got just the right fit. Take a closer look at our classic Curve Jacket or the new style String Overcoat. Both of these women's rain coats are extra fitted around the waist and have a knee-length.

If you are more into a long and loose fit, you do not have to worry. Try our Fishtail Parka, Long Jacket or Longer Jacket. Feel free in a spacious silhouette, under which you can also fit a regular jacket.

As RAINS grows, we also want to grow our assortment, which is why you now can find our Ultralight line, which has jackets of several sorts and in different colors. What makes this line stand out from the crowd, is the extremely breathable material, so you can wear your women's rain coat in all seasons.

One of the best things about purchasing your women's rain coats from RAINS, is the fact that everything can be mixed and matched. We have made it our goal, that everything goes well together and that our customers find it easy to combine our items across all categories.

If you are going traveling or one a longer trip, you can go discover our range of Travel Bags. They look great with rain jackets for women. Find the exact match in color and material or find a complementary bag in a different statement color. The choice is completely yours.

How do you wash rain jackets for women?We recommend not washing RAINS products in a washing machine. The process will negatively affect the fit over time. Instead, here are two at-home suggestions to clean RAINS products. 1. Apply methylated spirits/white spirits (for household purposes) onto a dry cloth or sponge and gently apply the cloth or sponge onto the product. 2. Clean surfaces with soapy water and a damp cloth.

How to iron a rain jacket?We recommend steaming RAINS products. An iron should never be used on the outside of RAINS products. However, an iron on low heat can be used on the inside of the jacket to create a wrinkle-free surface on the outside.

What is the best waterproof jacket for ladies?Our signature waterproof, windproof, and lightweight rain jackets are the ideal jacket for when the weather turns rainy and cold. The silhouette of these highly functional, unisex jackets is minimal and casual, making them the best waterproof jackets for ladies. Choose between different lengths and several colors and get the perfect fit. 041b061a72


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