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Free Download Film Helga 1967

Free Film Helga 1967 - A Review

Helga is a documentary film that deals with the physical aspects of human anatomy and reproduction. It was released in West Germany in 1967 and became one of the greatest box-office successes of West German cinema, viewed by forty million people in West Germany and internationally.

The film follows the pregnancy of a young woman named Helga from the first visit to the doctor all the way to childbirth. It features scenes of childbirth which were the first to be shown publicly in Germany. The film also uses animation, stock footage and microphotography to depict the stages of life from conception to birth.


The film was produced by Rinco-Film in Munich for the West German Federal Ministry of Health under health minister Käte Ströbel through the German Health Museum. It was part of an "enlightenment wave" that was undertaken by the West German federal government at the time to educate the public about sexual matters and health issues.

The film was classified as a documentary by the West German film classification board SPIO and received a rating of R in the United States. It was also released in many other countries, such as France, where it was viewed by five million people in 1968.

The film sparked a wave of sex education movies, especially those by Oswalt Kolle, who also wrote a book based on the film. It also inspired two sequels, Helga und Michael (1968) and Helga und die Männer - Die sexuelle Revolution (1970), which focused on different aspects of sexuality and relationships.

The film has been studied for its impact on German society and culture, as well as its sociopolitical implications of the intervention by the West German federal government in matters of sexual education and public health. Some critics have praised the film for its scientific accuracy and educational value, while others have criticized it for its moralistic tone and conservative agenda.

Helga is a film that offers a glimpse into the history of sex education and reproductive health in West Germany and beyond. It is a controversial and influential film that has shaped the views and attitudes of millions of people around the world.


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