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16-Day Glutes Challenge

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This Book Is Gay By Juno Dawson Pdf

There are over 300 books in the GHAPS libraries that contain age-inappropriate material. When this issue was brought to the attention of GHAPS administration they explained that these types of books help save lives because they make everyone feel like they belong. As a parent, I never want my minor child to read this book or any book with similar sexually explicit content. If this book is somehow necessary for educational purposes, it should be rated X, sexually explicit, and require parental permission before children can have access.

This Book Is Gay by Juno Dawson Pdf

GHAPS administration cannot be trusted until they take action on this issue. This has nothing to do with Freedom to Read. It has everything to do with protecting children. This book is grooming children for future sexual encounters. How is this even happening inside the public school system?

The Book This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson is available to 14-18 year old children at the Grand Haven High School Library. It contains tips on how to meet up with adults secretly and keep it from parent\u2019s knowledge, tips on how to use sex apps, tips on how to have sex, oral, bumming, and so much more\u2026. At the 7 minute 3 second mark in the video below, a concerned citizen describes this book to a school board. \u201CIt is not actually about gay. It is a HOW TO book. \u2026. P. 107 How to Meet up with an Adult\u2026\u201D

For this ninth iteration of the challenge, we're subtly leaning into the nostalgia all around us. From Y2K fashion (TW: low rise jeans) to reboots and the resurgence of the film camera, it's no secret that trends of the past are now of the moment. With prompts like "A book you should have read in high school," "A book set in the decade you were born," and "A book you wish you could read for the first time again," you'll be on your way down memory lane. 041b061a72


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