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Soul Knight APK The Most Addictive Game on Android

Description: Soul Knight - great action game with RPG elements. The game takes place in a fantasy world in which the technique of opening portals to other dimensions means that local magicians run with a firearm and brave knights battle laser systems. The universe due to such a long time balances on the sidelines, but now someone has decided to finally make a mess and steal what can not be touched. It's time to save the world. Features: * Unique heroes with unique abilities. * 170+ weapons are waiting for you to explore. * NPCs that are really important! They will fight by your side! * Auto-target mechanism for super intuitive control. * Many more features that you will find in the game.

soul knight apk

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Soul knight is an action game developed by Chilly Room. It basically focuses on shooting, clearing mobs in a room, and then moving to the next. The theme of the game is that the magical stone which maintains the balance of the world is stolen by some advanced aliens. So the game depends on you retrieving the magical stone.

There are lots of varieties of characters and weapons in Soul knight and each has some unique characteristics. In order to kill the mighty boss or several enemies at a time, the perfect combination of weapons is a must.

Soul Knight is an exciting action game with RPG elements, made in the roguelike style. In the game, the participant will be transported to the world of dungeons, where he will have to meet with a considerable number of enemies and defeat them. Somewhere in these dungeons lurked a magic stone, thanks to which the balance between good and evil was maintained in the magical world. The stone was stolen and now the player has to go in search of it. The protagonist is a brave knight who goes to look for the villain who stole the sacred artifact.


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