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16-Day Glutes Challenge

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Drake - Teenage Fever

Its about the life of drake as he grew up'Took place in his teenage years...almost like there was problems in his was having arguments always fighting and this made his life as a teenage boy very difficult almost like a Sickness in his teenage years...thats where Teenage Fever comes in....The Lyrics is about how he Explains all the Happenings hope you guys just listen carefully Stay Drake Fans cause he is awesome

Drake - Teenage Fever

[Drake]Out of bodyThat's just how I feel when I'm around you, shawtyLast night we didn't say itBut girl, we both thought itWhy second guess? I should have stayedYou say the word, I'm on the wayThis shit feels like teenage feverI'm not scared of it, she ain't eitherWhy second guess? I should have stayed'Cause you know what's on my mind tonight 041b061a72


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