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Welcome to Our Monthly Tarot Card Subscription Service!

Updated: Aug 14

Welcome to our monthly tarot card reading subscription service!

We offer a variety of tarot card readings, including in-depth, love, basic, psychic, year ahead, birth card, and messages from your angels.

With our monthly subscription, you'll gain access to a set number of readings per month at a discounted rate.

This is an excellent way to dive deeper into your inner world and explore the messages and insights that tarot cards can provide.

As an experienced tarot card reader I can help you gain clarity and guidance in various areas of your life, including relationships, career, finances, and personal growth.

Whether you have a specific question or just want a general overview of what the future holds, we've got you covered. With our monthly subscription service, you can save on each reading and have peace of mind knowing that you'll get regular guidance and support from our team.

Plus, our subscription service makes it easy to stay on top of your personal growth and development goals without having to worry about scheduling individual appointments. So why wait? Sign up for our monthly subscription service today!

Pick a Card Reading

Pick a card tarot reading is a form of divination where the reader instructs the querent to pick one or more cards.

The reader then interprets the meaning of the chosen card/s based on their traditional tarot meanings, intuition, and experience, and gives insights and guidance on the querent's current situation or question.

It is believed that the cards chosen by the querent are influenced by their subconscious mind and the energy surrounding them at the time of the reading.

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