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What do Wafah Dufour, Megan Markle, and Hillary Clinton Have in Common?

Kate Putnam, Tarot Card Reader


Hi Loves,

One of our fab friends bought this reading as a personal reading and said that she didn't mind if I shared it with you.

I released it to Members only for the first few days and then opened it publicly.

It was done as a personal reading and is, therefore, an Audio, there is no video.

Thank you all so much! xo


What do Wafah Dufour, Megan Markle, and Hillary Clinton Have in Common?

Viewer Questions Asked:

1. Is Wafah Laden Megan Markle?

2. Is Hillary Clinton her handler?

3. Is Hillary Clinton one of the redacted names on the Epstein List?


00:00 Introduction

00:39 Is Wafah Dufour (Osama Bin Laden)'s Niece Meghan Markle?

01:11 America: States The Brits Will Be With Us

01:54 Is Hillary Clinton her handler?

02:23 Let's start with the Fortune Tellers Cards

02:57 That's a Hard Yes

05:54 Wafah is a Gemini

07:53 Wafah and Megan were both born in LA

10:36 Partnership through Marriage?

13:19 Quick Lesson in Propaganda & Persuasion

14:05 Pat Tillman Story

15:52 Osama Bin Laden was an Engineer

17:26 Who's their Handler?

20:56 Hillary is a Scorpio

23:24 I have so many more questions

25:25 The World Upright

28:15 Conclusion


Transcript: What do Wafah Dufour, Megan Markle, and Hillary Clinton Have in Common?

Hello today is January 11th and I am going to do a reading on Waffa, Bin Laden's niece it was a viewer question to see if she is Megan Markle which you know that would be pretty ballsy of Saudi Arabia and the BinLaden to get in with the royal family it would I remember what the president said he said the Brits will be with us on my orders to attack the Taliban regime in Afghanistan we are joined in this operation by our St friend my fellow citizens are in the early stages of military oper operations to disarm.

Akashic Records, Kate Putnam, Tarot


Iraq and defending the world from great danger also very much a part of their style so what I'm going to do is I am going to use the fortune-telling cards I also might keep this private for members only because this is a two-part question the second part is okay so the first part is Waffa Laden or Dufour that's how she goes by she also just got a contract to have her own um her own uh what is it like real housewives like a reality TV show allegedly is she Megan Markle and the second part is Hillary Clinton their


Handler or her Handler it might be two separate questions well it is two separate questions but the Hillary Clinton part is why I might keep it private because uh do your research on that one so I am going to just ask the fortune-telling cards if Waffa is Megan Markle and we got a definitely yes okay well that was pretty awesome um okay well that's straight up um I a-okay is so now I'm going to ask the other part of the question so the answer to that is yes I'm going to do a reading I might as well do the reading

Akashic Records, Kate Putnam, Tarot


on it now um but is Hillary Clinton her Handler my God affirmative you nailed it whoa okay well all right whoa so we just got two hard yeses these aren't like maybe these are straight up yeah okay so that was the fortune telling cards I am going to do a reading on is Waffa four Megan Markle we got the definitely yes card and I guess I just want to do a reading on it wow I'm almost speechless all


right this didn't cut so I'm going to do another cut is Waffa for Megan Markle

Okay so all right what I am looking at here well um we got the King of Cups and the fan right next to each other we also got the Eight of Wands upright so I should have checked when oh actually I can check I'm going to check when her birthday is um and the reason I'm going to is because I think she's a fire sign


sign when is w a Waffa do it's due f o Ur what birthday May 23rd of 75 birthplace Los Angeles California she was born Waffa Bin Laden she's an American singer-songwriter socialite and model and her birthday is May 23rd so that's Taurus right oh it's Gemini okay she's an air

Akashic Records, Kate Putnam, Tarot


sign Okay I should probably write down her birthday she was born in the same place that the Duchess of suck six was born okay she's an air sign she's Gemini um the eight of Swords upright is quick decisions and fast travel the king of cups is a king uh Osama bin London is her uncle I've read a great book about Osama I think he got a short end of that stick and I'd be more than H happy to talk about it if you've done the research or you're interested it was probably a thousand-page book


about Osama bin Laden I think honestly that he got the short end of that stick right next to the King of Cups that's a whole different thing and I need to clear this energy so that I don't give my Impressions um the hant the hant has represented the US government it's also the head of Institutions religion schools the Church of England the Catholic church he you got it so right right off the ri we got a yes it's her she was born in the same place that Megan was born I mean I don't trust anything that

Akashic Records, Kate Putnam, Tarot


I see see pictures or not I know you know everyone knows how AI Works um so then we have the Fool In Reverse this is like Reckless she might be like a little bit of a rich kid who doesn't have any boundaries there's also a charity here we know Megan doesn't give any charity so Waffa might we also have the page of Wands that's like a free spa Spirit exploring the thing is right here I mean we have a king of Cups and the hant those are this perhaps could be the marriage between the English and the Middle


East, because that's we all know that marriage is well marriages in High Society, are arranged and they are also to further the kingdom I can confidently say that having ties to the Middle East certainly would be a great decision for the kingdom let's get some clarity on the king of cups and the hant what do we need to know about the king of Cups and the hant well it was very Bountiful if this is a marriage between the king the countries does this have to do with Epstein's list and tarring Andrew's name cuz the

Akashic Records, Kate Putnam, Tarot


the family we have the N nine of Pentacles I mean the nine of Pentacles is like that's family wealth right there and it I mean that's like Legacy roots of Labor financially independent um we also have the lover's card holy [ __ ] yeah this is like a partnership oh and all I have is Pentacles I have a seven of Pentacles the Two of Pentacles the Knight of Pentacles I mean this is a straight up money-making operation and I mean you don't have to be a history genius or buff to know the marriages were always arranged to further the


Kingdom so with the seven of Pentacles it's a long-term decision the two is multiple priorities it's like balancing it's a decision and then we have the Knight of Pentacles he's hardworking and he's not fast he doesn't run in and burn the place down he's very meticulous we have an Ace of Swords this could be like a contract holy [ __ ] what did we just stumble upon I mean in this book that I read about Bin Laden well first of all he was is like an engineering genius they built all of the road

Akashic Records, Kate Putnam, Tarot


systems well he was an engineer so he would watch the way that the animals walked up the hills like the hillsides it's very mountainous and Afghanistan where is he Osama B Laden I don't even know where he is or was or but what he did was he watched the cows walk up the mountain and that's how he built the road system everything that I read about him in my I have no idea who wrote it I will find the book though because my memories of him were not bad like um I understand propaganda and persuasion everyone know or if you if


you're new to the channel then you might not know if you aren't new I mean we just took propaganda and persuasion through college and like the CIA showed right up to our class to recruit us they teach you how to write for example I don't even want to say it but they teach you how to write headlines um I'm there's no room for the question here this is pretty clear to me that this was a financial decision between two countries the lovers are showing up what she was born in LA she does look

Akashic Records, Kate Putnam, Tarot


like she might have even been born in the same year depending on what article you're looking at it was a longterm which is how Bin Laden did a lot of stuff he didn't make rash decisions I also think he was a scapegoat I'll just be honest about the September 11th stuff that I believe was an inside job I'd be more than happy to do reading on it but I feel like if you read the book called The American hero it is about the football player that went to Iraq he went to war and he even said it when he was over there that this was


an inside job this was an American job so with that being said I mean this is like all Pentacles the lovers the hant the king of Cups these guys didn't make like ra irrational decisions they were looking to better their countries and I am going to stand by it they did that is you nailed it I'm a little bit speechless still and I don't know why like nothing should shock me anymore this is very meticulous there's a contract there's a king of I mean I'm sorry a knight of Pentacles every Pentacle almost we have

Akashic Records, Kate Putnam, Tarot


the six okay wait let me tell you what we have we have The Two of Pentacles we have the six seven nine Knight of Pentacles okay then we have the children and the King of Cups we have the lovers that are uniting the countries and we have the Ace of Swords that could be like I mean it could be a new conflict it could be a sharp mind it could be a contract and everything I've ever read about Obama I mean Osama Bin Laden is like he was very very very meticulous and he did not make rash decisions he always tried


to better the people it sounds like Pablo Escobar and I know that there's a lot of propaganda against Pablo and that's fine I also admire him very much because of what he did you know he might have gone a little crazy but I appreciated what he did for his country and he had clients the American government bought it so I'm going to say yeah and I'm going to stand by it you killed it that was a great great question okay the next more I think this one is more awkward than the other one

Akashic Records, Kate Putnam, Tarot


the reason is that if you don't know the Clinton Body Count then please do your research I have tried to do readings on them before I'm going to call her hard or something because I don't want her name even named in anything I I do because she's uh I would well I'll tell you if we get the card that represents the socio psychopath then I won't be that surprised that is the queen or King of Swords she has very masculine energy she also may show up masculine I mean she's


Wearing a feminine Meats suit but I don't know that much if I go that far with it um is H dog we'll call her H dog is H dog one of the names redacted on the Epstein list let's let me I don't want to confuse these cards let me start with is the H dog the Handler hold on those aren't cutting right we already got that she is the Handler and we have the four of Pentacles oh boy we have Temperance in reverse that is the straight up devil like that's not just like you have a problem with

Kate Putnam, Tarot Card Reader


Addiction is the devil card we have judgment we have the 10 of cups in Reverse we have the strength card we have the Six of Pentacles Two of Cups Three of cups in Reverse six of cups in the world and the Knight of Swords holy [ __ ] okay so oh my goodness okay I don't know why I feel like I'm like about to cry I don't feel emotional about it I just feel like seeing this kind of evil in the world and I know I get it the white the light has won I get it and so we have to purge all of the darkness


I mean we have the actual devil the devil on the Taro is just an addiction which sounds like a walk in the park compared to this guy this is like straight evil we have four of Pentacles that's like he's upright I am not loving what I'm seeing for H dog let's just say that okay so we have the straight up devil next to judgment judgment is like wow right next to I don't know why I feel emotional about this like judgment is a reckoning it's like a Redemption we have the 10 of cups in

Kate Putnam, Tarot Card Reader


Reverse that's like Shattered Dreams we have the Six of Pentacles which is like charity yeah we have the Two of Cups Upright that's like partnership she might be I don't care if she's lesbian or not honestly I could care less but this might be like a partnership she also has strength that's a Leo card oh I'm going to Google when is H dog's birthday man I don't even want her name she's the dangerous one her husband is might be smart but I don't know anything about him so October


26th 1947 so October is she a Libra Scorpio psycho okay so she was October 26th, 1947 and that's Scorpio okay Waffa was born in 75 and I remember when her birthday was but um we do have some cup cards here that's water sign we have the six of Cups SE right and that's like fleeting happiness you're the world the world's an end has done bye good goodbye this is like the celebration of

Kate Putnam, Tarot Card Reader


life this could be the Carnage she is Knight of Swords I mean this Knight already has his knife and his sword drawn he's ready to go to battle and we have the three of Cups that's in reverse She had the two of Cups upright and the three of cups in Reverse that's like threes a crowd and gossip whoa I'm going to ask the fortune teller cards her name was redacted from the Epstein list oh that didn't cut right just a second is Hillary Clinton's name redacted on the EP


list yes oh okay so it was H dog okay so we are looking at straight-up evil and I don't mean addiction level Evil I mean straight-up evil what I have a Karma card right here I need to like clear this and set Sacred Space because this is big whoa okay oh it's a Scorpio great I just literally call the karma or pull the karma card and it's purification to resurrect The Secret of Scorpio I need

Kate Putnam, Tarot Card Reader


to wow whoa whoa whoa okay well I bet you didn't have that on your bingo card because I didn't all right so each dog all right so yes she's the handler, in conclusion, I feel like I have so many more questions um wait how long is this I have to go to dinner oh my goodness oh we're gonna have we're going to do a deep dive into H dog because she's also a Scorpio I mean this is a spiritual battle if you haven't read the book called this present Darkness I highly recommend


This is nuts the card I'm the most curious about is the straight-up Temperance in Reverse please look it up or if you know you know the judgment and the world I'm going to get some clarity on those cards because I am curious what exactly these cards telling us about each dog oh hold on that didn't cut right what do these cards what are they trying to tell us about each dog okay well I just had a bunch of jumpers


including the devil so I don't think they could make it any clear we have the actual devil and we have the symbolic devil oh my gosh what is going on in her world I mean Temperance in Reverse judgment in the world the world's done the world's over that's like the death card to me doesn't mean death the world means death to me and Temperance in Reverse straight up means the straight up devil not this all of a sudden number 15 is looking cute and we have the Knight of Pentacles in reverse the nine of Pentacles in

Kate Putnam, Tarot Card Reader


Reverse The Two of Pentacles in Reverse every single thing we just got for bin Laden's niece is now in reverse and the five of Pentacles in Reverse these are horrible decisions it's almost like that kid Anan or Adon who sold his soul to the devil I mean I'm not even getting she was offered anything she just like all over Pentacles are in Reverse except for the five and that's like Financial loss anyway so it was subacute what oh my gosh all right so I'm going to go to dinner and then I'm going to do


reading on H dog that's what we're calling her I'm not even going to put her name in anything because I am not worried about getting on a list until the H dog name comes up that name, in general, there are way too many uh suicided and heart attacks with a gunshot to the Head kind of a thing going on for my liking but in conclusion, this was a great customer or uh well viewer question is Waffa Bin Laden uh she's a Bin Laden's niece Megan Markle the answer was yes and it was done as a long-term game

Kate Putnam, Tarot Card Reader


to unite England and I don't even know what country he was in charge of probably Afghanistan um so yeah that answer is yes gosh then we have is Hillary Clinton the Handler and the answer to that was yes we also asked his name redacted from Epstein list and the answer to that was yes so that's a pretty badass call that was great so I'm going to go to dinner now thank you all for coming love and light I'm sending hearts I'm going to do a real a reading on each dog so going forward you're not


Going to hear the name Hillary Clinton because I don't want to get on any lists but I'm going to look into it so with that I will love you and leave you and see you next time thanks for coming


Kate Putnam, Tarot Card Reader

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