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Book of Shadows 15 Subject Pages

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What is a Book of Shadows?


A Book of Shadows is the name given to journals that store records of magical workings.


Historically, individual covens kept their own and kept their secrets from outsiders. This secret knowledge is related to the history and practice of a particular group and is where the name originates from. In the modern Neo-Pagan movement, there are many solitaries and eclectic practitioners along with broader traditions currently in existence.


If you study Wicca or the Fey tradition, you may be given information that has been carefully recorded and passed down for several generations. For those outside established traditions or those who chose an eclectic path, forming your own Book of Shadows is up to you.

I needed these subjects when I began my Book of Shadows and thought I'd share them with you! 


If you have started and you are not sure where to go, if you haven't started but have started the journey, or if you're just thinking about it, these will jump-start your journey.




1 PDF with 2 Canva Access LinksInstagram Post SizeA4 Letterhead






Color Palette

Font Preference


◼️ You can mix and match the pages however you would like by rearranging, duplicating, or deleting them.

◼️ Add your own graphics, pictures, fonts, and more.





1. To use these templates you will need a free Canva account and an internet connection. If you don’t have a Canva account yet, you can register for a free account here or at

2. After you order, you will receive immediate access to a PDF document with the link to download your files.

3. By clicking the link you will be redirected to the template in Canva. Start editing and customizing your template. You can edit anything you would like including images, elements, fonts, and colors.

4. Edit and reuse your template as many times as you’d like.


IMPORTANT: The photos you see in the product images are for illustration purposes only and are not included in the template.

You must add your own photos. Your purchase includes a link to a free stock photo collection you can download and use however you would like. You can use free stock photos sites such as or Canva directly and then easily drag and drop your own photos into the frames in the template.




Due to the instant nature of this transaction, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges. If you have any problems with the download or file, please contact me and I’ll do anything I can to help you.


This purchase is a digital INSTANT DOWNLOAD, no physical copy will be shipped.


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to message me! Please note that these templates are for personal use for you and your own business only. You may not redistribute them or sell them as templates.


★ Please message me if you have any questions :) I'm always happy to help.


Please give us a ♥ and check out the rest of our shop!

  • Digital Download - Instant

    1 Canva PDF

    2 Links: Instagram Size and Letterhead Size

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