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Start Manifesting Today! Printable Moon Journal

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Start Manifesting Today with the Printable Moon Journal Page Prompts!

Setting your intention with the new moon could consist of a candle, paper, and pen.
Ground and center yourself.
Tune into yourself and ask yourself what you want to manifest.
Write down what you are ready to manifest.
Place in a safe space until the full moon.

In this 22-page PDF file, you will receive 1 cover & 21 journal pages. Each journal page included the 8 phases of the moon and allows you to write your intentions & desires. Manifesting doesn't have to be difficult! You can use these sheets as often as you need to.

On each page, you will have:

- The Moon Phase
- Date Entry
- Zodiac Moon Sign
- What the Moon Phase Means
- Affirmation Prompt
- 3 Goals/Desires/Wishes
- Key Guide to the Moon in each Zodiac Sign

This is a PDF file digital download. No physical copy will be mailed to you. However, you can choose to print them out for yourself and put them into your journal, notebook, book of shadows, or grimoire. Otherwise, they are compatible to use on a mobile devices as well! Astrology Moon Phases Printable Journal Pages

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