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Hi I’m Kate! I am excited to do your Tarot card reading!


An intuitive tarot reading explores your subconscious mind. It’s not meant to tell you what the future holds or what to do in a certain situation. The aim is to give you information so that you can make informed decisions yourself.


Tarot card readings are an amazing way to learn more about your life. My readings give you clarity about what has happened in your past, what is going on in your present, and what the best course of action is for your future.


I have had the ability to connect with spirit guides and spiritual energy since a very young age, and have been using Tarot card readings for years as a tool to interpret life energy.




1. You will receive a Tarot Card Reading - I will intuitively pick between 6 to 15 cards during your reading


2. An email with a picture of the cards drawn during your reading


3. Within the email, you'll also receive my intuitive interpretation where I will answer your question in length and detail. I will show you what is going on within your situation, and what most likely will happen in your future.


4. I will be using the Tarot Card Deck "The Rider–Waite Tarot". I love the illustrations and the beautiful energy within these cards.


5. During your reading, I will also be using several crystals to help connect with you and your spirit guide's energy. These could include selenite, clear quartz, amethyst, as well as many others.


***PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than 1 QUESTION or SITUATION you need a reading on, please check out my larger readings in my store.

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