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A General Tarot Reading 


Is a psychic reading that provides insights and guidance on different aspects of your life, without focusing on a specific question or issue. It is a versatile type of reading that can explore different areas of your life, such as career, finances, relationships, spirituality, and personal development.


During a General Reading, the tarot reader will usually ask you to shuffle the tarot cards and then select a certain number of cards, depending on the spread selected. The reader will interpret the cards based on their traditional meanings and also their intuitive insights, linking them together to provide a general picture of your current situation and possible outcomes.


A General Reading can offer clarity and direction when you are feeling lost or overwhelmed in different areas of your life. It can also help you understand different patterns and influences that are affecting your current circumstances and reveal hidden opportunities for growth and transformation.


While a General Reading does not answer specific questions, it can still provide valuable guidance for your life path. Some of the most popular tarot spreads for General Readings are the Celtic Cross, the Spiral, and the Three-Card Reading. 


Every reading is unique, as it reflects the energies, emotions, and thoughts you bring to the session. The tarot reader's role is to guide you through the cards, help you understand their meanings, and offer insights and advice that encourage personal empowerment and self-awareness.


Overall, a General Reading is an excellent choice if you are looking for overall guidance and want to explore different areas of your life. It can help you gain perspective on your current situation and provide actionable steps to move forward with confidence.

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